Annie R. Russell, M.Div., LPC

My Approach:
I seek to create a trusting, caring, and compassionate therapeutic environment employing an integrated therapy approach. Together, we will explore a life path that can lead to your good health and wholeness in spirit, mind and body. I look forward to working with you if this is the type of environment you are seeking.

Life’s Challenges:
We are faced with many different spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical challenges.  The way we choose to deal with or avoid dealing with those challenges can be the source of impaired behavioral functioning including depression, anxiety, anger, addictions, weight issues, etc.  Other times our struggles with life transition issues such as change in vocation (voluntary or involuntary), divorce, retirement, empty-nester phenomenon, caring for aging parents or even just the process of our own aging can trigger dysfunctional behavior or unhealthy choices.

Making healthy choices require a motivated personal commitment, time, and energy. Change does not happen over-night nor is it usually achieved in a vacuum.

My Passion and Calling:
I strive to encourage and assist those who are struggling with life’s challenges into realizing, accepting, and embracing the fact that there is hope.  Many times our dysfunctional behavior or unhealthy choices have become such a “normal” part of our lives to the point we begin to label our behavior in the context of “that is just the way I am or there is nothing I can do to change how I feel or behave.”

Rather than being content with the dysfunctional effects of life’s challenges, I believe a more viable solution is to work towards identifying the source of the struggle and defining ways to eradicate or lessen the pain or brokenness.  I encourage my patients to understand that everyone who is still living has hope; as such, none of us are destined to remain hurt or broken by the challenges of life.

Master of Divinity (pastoral care and counseling)
Mercer University

Master of Science (professional counseling)
Mercer University

The American University
Washington, DC

Bachelor of Business Administration
Fort Valley State University

National Certified Counselor
Prepare/Enrich Pre-marital and Marital Assessment

Life transition issues
Spiritual Concerns

Individual Psychotherapy
Group Therapy
Collaboration with Churches
Family Therapy
Couples Therapy
Women Specific Concerns

Office Hours:
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday