Mitchell Foy, LPC

The first step of beginning the counseling process can be the hardest, and I respect what it takes to make it. I believe a good relationship based on non-judgement and trust are vital for personal change. Within a safe therapeutic container we can increase your awareness of desires, fears, strengths, and underlying motivations, giving a sense of broader horizons, and enhancing the feeling of being securely anchored in the world. Together we can meet the challenges life has thrown your way, whether you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, frightened, or out of control.

I am honored to work with you on life challenges such as depression, anxiety, self-growth, life transitions and adjustments, family and relationship problems, gender issues, spirituality, loss, self harm, addiction, obsession, abuse, and trauma.

About me
I have a counseling degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute, which emphasizes Depth Psychology. This approach seeks to explore underlying motives for various life issues, with the belief that the uncovering of these motives is intrinsically healing. It seeks the deep layers underlying behavioral and cognitive processes, and explores the relationship between everyday consciousness and the obscured parts of ourselves.

My background is in the creative arts, as a musician and visual artist. In my view the therapeutic process is also a creative process. However, you need not be naturally creative to be transformed, merely curious about your own inner workings. Symptoms such as unhappiness, anxiety, or troubling behavior are, in the view of depth psychology, opportunities to dig into the rich soil of your deeper self. “Where you stumble,” said mythologist Joseph Campbell, “there lies your treasure.”

I accept the following insurance plans: Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna.