Robert P. Roney, D.Min.

The quote from our brochure, “Every person should fmd out before they die what they are running from and to, and why,” will be the foundation for our work together. This “running” often results in anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions and behaviors. Psychotherapy offers us a way to look at what is causing those symptoms, seek to understand why those symptoms keep emerging, and begin the process of changing those circumstances so one can have a more full and healthy life.

I believe that healing takes place in the context of relationship. In my office, the process of psychotherapy is collaborative and cooperative. Each of us plays an important role and bears a certain responsibility in that relationship. Creating an environment of authentic acceptance with understanding is the first step towards establishing this relationship and moving towards healing. Together we will begin to explore the feelings, thoughts, experiences and beliefs which have caused problems for you, your relationships, or your family and ultimately brought you to my office seeking help.

Psychotherapy does not follow a straight path. Often we lose patience with ourselves, expecting immediate solutions to complex issues. Some ask, “how long will therapy take?” It is impossible to answer that question: each person works at his or her own pace, building trust, feeling accepted, forming the foundation for growth, change, and healing. Others ask, “how will I know I am done?” It is my professional belief that we all have an internal wisdom that tells us where we need to go. I will trust that wisdom in our working relationship.

Some things you may want to know about me: professionally, I have been working full time as a psychotherapist since 1987. I have had the opportunity to learn and grow with many people over the years. Previous to this work, I was the pastor at churches in Birmingham and Memphis. I am one of the founding partners at Pathway Center for Psychotherapy, and have enjoyed its growth and development.

Educationally, my doctorate is in pastoral counseling from Louisville Presbyterian Seminary; master’s in theology from Princeton Seminary; bachelor’s in history from the University of Georgia. I also have a post-doctorate certificate in clinician supervision, training clinicians who want to learn more about psychotherapy.

Personally, I am married, have helped raise five children, and look forward to spending more time with my two grandchildren. I also volunteer, and currently serve as president of Haitian Homes for Haitian Children, a non-profit organization that seeks to end child abandonment in Haiti.

When you are ready to work in an accepting, compassionate environment, that is committed to your growth and healing, call: (770) 446-5642 x002.