In the late 1990’s four accomplished psychotherapists came together to form Pathway Center. All came with the similar philosophy of meeting and accepting people where they are. Through this process of acceptance and understanding Drs. Ashe, Woodruff, Roney, and Ms. Chelette began working with individuals, couples, and families.

Within a short while, the demand for their services increased and the founding partners of Pathway began to add other accomplished clinicians. These partners realized the need for psychiatric services and psychological testing. Again, first rate clinicians joined Pathway Center.

The practice had become a multi-disciplined center where people can receive a number of services that would aid in the healing process. As the founding partners came from diverse backgrounds and training, it continued to be a priority that staff at Pathway Center reflected the diversity of our community. In addition to English, Mandarin, Spanish, and Urdu are spoken by our clinicians.

In the early 2000’s as a way of giving back, Pathway began its training program. There have been training institutes, and now the established post-graduate training program is well received. Those clinicians who have finished their graduate programs or internships are invited to spend time in intensive training with seasoned supervisors to learn the art and science of psychotherapy.

Pathway Center for Psychotherapy has evolved into a community of clinicians that are committed to working with our patients and families in a caring, nurturing way. Meeting people “where they are” and helping them grow through the difficulties in life has been a constant value that Pathway endorses. Pathway Center has the ability to treat and address most mental health issues through our collaborative environment.

The current partners, Drs. Woodruff, Roney, and Mr. Bronfman continue to look forward to Pathway’s sense of community and warmth in caring for those who seek our services. We welcome opportunity to meet you where you are and join you in your growth.

Pathway Center Clinicians